13 Products You Can Use This Summer To Help Protect The Planet

13 Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Everyday Products

At CatPrint, we do our best to ensure that what we do throughout the day helps minimize damage to our planet- both in the office and in our home lives. We recently polled our staff about their favorite eco-friendly, sustainable everyday products and made a list of them for you here.
Go green!

Did You Know?

CatPrint uses 100% organic packing peanuts that are biodegradable, non-toxic, edible and water-soluble. They can be reused, thrown away, or washed down the sink or bathtub!


Production’s “Mr. Fix It”, Nate, has been supporting the local Rochester Community Composting organization in his home for a long time. Favoring the pick-up option, this convenient plan takes an excellent stab against food waste AND saves on gas!


Jan Van Duyn, our very own “The Wasp” and CEO, sings the swooshing praises of the O3 PURE Eco Laundry Washer. This ozone laundry cleaner uses minimal water and requires no detergents (bye-bye, enviro-pollutant chemicals!).


Our newest Production Specialist, Brittany, is married to VEHHE stainless steel drinking straws. Well-known to be a huge help to our oceans, reusable straws are a must-have on the list to cut back on environmental pollution.


Production Operations Manager, Lisa, loves Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap in the Lemon Verbena scent. Mrs. Meyer’s is cruelty-free, uses recyclable packaging, and is made with 30% post-consumer plastic. You can’t go wrong with something that smells this good!

Did You Know?

Our Heavy Card Stock - Cotton and Cream Cotton papers from Reich are tree-free and made from 100% recovered cotton from the textile industry that would otherwise end up in a landfill.


Over three thousand tons of paper towels end up in landfills every day. Production Specialist and artist, Anna, swoons over 3 Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths which, according to their website, are made from 70% wood cellulose from FSC certified forests and 30% cotton.

Anna loves to hand 3 Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths out to family and friends as gifts. They cut down heavily on paper towel use and can be washed in the dishwasher over 200 times. On top of that, they’re compostable!


Founder and CTO, Mitch, loves ditching the car when he can and hopping into his Gekko fx 20 Folding Trike to reduce carbon emissions.


CatPrint UX/UI Designer, Allison, highly recommends environmentally friendly Earth Rated bags for cleaning up dog waste. The core of the roll is even made from recycled material! Thanks, Allison and Rusty!


Kind-hearted Customer Service Rep, Eileen, has been using the same Nalgene water bottle for 9 years! That’s over 3,000 single-use water bottles taken out of the picture (not to mention a savings of $1800!).


Speaking of water bottles, Production Specialist, Jen, fawns over Bottled Joy’s self-filtering Water Bottle. If you don’t have access to an in-home filter for getting the yuck out of your tap water, this bottle is your best friend.

Did You Know?

CatPrint’s Heavy Card Stock - Recycled, from Rolland Enviro®, is made from 100% post-consumer fiber. It uses biogas as an energy source in its production and a chlorine-free bleaching process making it North America paper industry’s product line with the smallest environmental footprint.


Jon, our hard-working COO, has officially eliminated single-use plastic storage bags from his home in place of this set from Rubbermaid. With a family of five, this is a huge help for the environment!


Production Specialist and herbalist, Alexandra, contributes this fun option for all who enjoy make-up! Sustainably sourced Burt’s Bees cedar eyeliner/brow pencils are worth the extra coin.


Marketing Director, Becca, adores Norwex’s netted dishcloths for cleaning highchairs, wiping up spills, and washing dishes! She has reported using half the paper towels and dish soap she once did, and cleaning scrambled eggs from the pan is now a favorite pastime.


Our detail-perfect designer, Casey, has found a companion in the Wet Bag to carry her son’s dirty clothes and other baby necessities when they are out and about so they don’t have to use single-use plastic bags. LuckyElefantDesigns provides an eco-friendly liner that is phthalate-free and CPSIA certified.